How Do I Tie The Scarf!

Hi, now I’m going to tell you how I tie my scarf, to make it look the way it does, because some of you asked me that.


What I do is that I use a long scarf, like this one and then I fold it out like this, placing it around my neck like this, so a part of it hangs down like this (this is a quite long scarf, so the “long part” on it is a bit longer than on my other scarfs) and then I take this part and wrap it pretty loosely one turn round my neck, making sure that the back side is covering the collar of my coat, so that I’m not getting cold, then I take this part here, and attach it in the back like this.. like this!


The part hanging here can either just be left as it is, or you can hide it underneath the scarf, attached to the collar, like this I don’t have a mirror here, so I can’t check if it looks correct, but usually I’m standing in front of a mirror when I do put on my scarf. The result is something like this.

It’s warm and cozy inside, big, loose and baggy, just like I prefer it!

And that’s it!

Not so difficult!