Answer from Question Monday, June 13th

How do I know that there is silicone in a shampoo or conditioner I use – what should I look for on the back?

Mostly you can look for words ending in “-cone” or “-xane”. Dimethicone, for example, is a common silicone.

Wondering if you could have more hour by hour posts?

Have in a way had it a few times lately. I just did not write at the time on the pictures, and put them in the “Time for time” category here on the blog. But, we’ll see if I can do it one day! 🙂

Can you recommend a shampoo from lush that is suitable for hair that easily becomes oily, but which is also suitable for sensitive scalp?
I probably do not think it is a problem to use Jumping Juniper on sensitive scalp, along with Vegan conditioner. None of our products are very “strong”, but since you have a sensitive scalp, you probably only get to try a little

Can you recommend a face mask / skin cleanser that is suitable for combination skin and some pimples?

Yep, Angels on Bare Skin (the facial cleanser I use) is great for combination skin! The same goes for the Cupcake face mask

When both you and Åsmund are in Risør with each your own family – do you usually see each other or talk something special together during your stay then?

If we are only on a tiny weekend visit, we will not be seen, but we will be called and texted during the stay anyway. If we are there for a long time, we visit each other, of course! Is it nice to greet “in-laws” as well, but I prioritize time with my own family if the stay is short, and he does too

What does summer look like for you? Lots of work?

Yes! This weekend I travel to Kongsberg with Ane and Silje, and in July I take a week off in Risør. Otherwise, there will be a lot of work on both sides, and the days off I will try to enjoy to the fullest, with sun, swimming and being social with nice people. And maybe even more Risør visits, hihi

Have you ever been bullied in middle school?

Yes, in 8th grade I got some shit thrown at me by some of the 10th graders, but they eventually stopped when they realized how little impact it had on me. Luckily!

What is highest on the wish list for camera equipment?

Has saved up to Canon EF 50mm f / 1.4 USM, and is ready to buy! There are just not that many who have it in stock right now, due to the disasters in Japan. After that there is a new camera body, but I will not buy it until I absolutely have to

Checkered or polka dot clothes?


Mac or PC?

Mac is also a PC (Personal Computer), but I stick to Windows

Do you have a tip for soothing or toning down red spots on the skin?
Good makeup can do wonders! And then you may want to check what they come from (if you do not already know), because maybe there is treatment

Why do you not eat meat, but eat fish?

One of the main reasons I cut the meat was the taste, and the taste of fish I have always loved. See no reason to drop fish, as long as I like the taste. That I eat as I do is first and foremost for my own part. Not because I do not think “fish are animals”, or because I want to fit in some stall

Do you work at Lush between 8 and 12 July?

Nope, then I have SUMMER HOLIDAY !! 😀 Can’t wait!

What do you think about some readers not reading your posts carefully? I have noticed several times where you, for example, publish “today’s outfit” and it says that the dress was bought at H&M. In the comments field below, there are often questions from a reader about where the dress was bought?

I understand that many do not bother to read the text (are several bloggers I “read” without reading the text every time, just look at the pictures), but if you are going to ask a question you can at least check if it might be informed about it one should ask about in the text in advance. It makes me quite upset, and in fact it hurts me a lot too ..

Are there any special nutrients you make sure you get in you, because you do not eat meat?

I eat very varied and healthy, and drink milk, eat eggs and fish, so I get what I need 🙂

Do you like watching movies?

Yes, sometimes! In the evenings it can be fun with a movie, but as a rule I only see what goes on TV. I’m pretty easy to entertain, so it doesn ‘t take much for me to like a movie, as long as it makes me smile.

Do you use skin care products from brands other than Lush?

Nope! Apart from make-up and sunscreen, everything I use on my body is from Lush, from head to toe!

Has anything strange ever happened at work, with strange customers or something strange that has happened?

Haha, yes, it happens every time I work! There are some things that make working with people fun

Which of Lush and Pinpoint do you have the highest hourly wage?

What I get paid at the various workplaces is private (since the workplaces are so small, it is bad of me to reveal what all my colleagues earn, since many think it is a private matter), but I can say so much that it only differs 5 kroner, so in other words I earn about the same in both jobs

Do you count the calories you get in you every day, or “do you eat for your stomach”?

Haha, no. Calories are nonsense! I eat after my head and stomach

Do you even count anything like carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, etc.?

I check how much sugar there is in semi-finished and finished products that I eat in everyday life (which is quite rare), such as bag soups, wok sauces and such. But otherwise not, no

Would you recommend the Fjällreven Kånken backpack?

Yes, fyflate! It’s the best “purchase” I have made this year! LOVE it, and it’s just super practical!

Do you and Åsmund have any animals, or is it just Timmikatt in Risør?

No, we have no animals together. Åsmund’s mother and stepfather have Simba and Arwen (puss) in Risør, while his father has Findus (pus). My mom and Dad have Timmi 🙂 Here we live now it is not allowed with animals, and cat (which of course we want the most!) Is out of the question as long as we do not live in a place where it can travel safely outdoors ( mtp traffic etc). Of course the indoor cat is out of the question, so then we have to wait

Did you know Ane (in Risør) when she had the horse Snowflake? Have you tried riding it? And if you have, do you have a picture?

Yeah! Ane and I became best friends in kindergarten when we were 4 and 5 years old! I rode on Snowflake a couple of times, and had a picture of it before, but lost them / it when the date went adundas for a good time back

Does Lush have anything that can help noses with very large pores?

You can test out Dark Angels facial cleanser a couple of times a week. It is supposed to help!

Can you make a post about pimples, blemishes, acne etc and Lush?

Yes, I can probably do that! I guess I just have to wait a bit, because it seems like most of you are pretty tired of my Lush talk. But, what can I say; I love Lush, it’s a job and interest I’m really passionate about and proud of, and then it’s almost impossible to keep it away from the blog too 😀

Tips for places you have to take a trip to when you are in Oslo? In the center?

Lush (of course) which you can find at Byporten Shopping, and Pinpoint (if you are interested in piercing). I really like the Coffee Glass, Mono, Liebling, New Anarkali, Little Saigon 1, Rice Bowl, Eat Sushi and More and Vega when it comes to eateries and cafes. When it comes to stores, I’m pretty boring as I like chain stores the best. If you are looking for second-hand shops, it is very nice in Markveien!

I have a little greasy teenage hair with a rather flaky scalp. Can you recommend a Lush shampoo?

Start by testing out the Squeaky Green shampoo bar, and do not do the trick you get to go over to Soak and Float! Åsmund has a flaky and slightly sensitive scalp, and he uses them both. They have worked great for him, and the former is great on itchy scalp that gets little air

Where do you buy Kaos Software Eyelets?
At work / Pinpoint of course! If you do not live in Oslo, you can find it in the online store, here

How do you stretch your ears to this size?

Guess you’re aiming for my size? I got them stretched to 16 mm at work, using stretch pins / tapers and glass jewelry

What size is Åsmund in the ears?

He is at 8 mm at the moment, but stretches them to 9 mm very immediately

Do you sell the shower soap “It’s raining men” at Lush Byporten?

Nope, we finally sold it a while ago. they still have some left in the online store / Trondheimsbutikken

If you liked the taste of meat very much, do you think you would still have eaten it now?

It is difficult to answer. I think the answer is no, I do

What is your favorite bath bomb on Lush?

Loved Calavera which was associated with Halloween. Otherwise, I really like Fizzbanger, Big Blue and Dragons Egg

How many do you usually take with you when you go to Risør?

Bath bombs? Takes me so I have the opportunity to swim every day I am there, but rarely does. In other words, I have someone lying there waiting for me, but the next time I go to Risør it will be for a slightly longer stay, so then I will probably have to stock up a little extra with me as well, yes!

When you and Åsmund are going to get a house sometime in the future, will you look for someone with a bathtub?

Yes, it is absolutely high on the list of things we look for in a house! But, there must be a shower as well

How much money have you spent on body art in total?

I never thought about that, actually! I have not spent SO much on doing it. NOK 1900, it will probably be about that in total. But, on jewelry, there will be a lot more, hehe

Mom bought me a Lush product in Prague called “Happy Hippy”. Is it in Norway?

Yep, of course! Oh, I love Happy Hippy (which is full of grapefruit), and have it on a dispenser by the bathroom sink